Sensacool 1500 Mattress
Sensacool 1500 Mattress

Sensacool 1500 Mattress

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The Sensacool 1500 Mattress is a wonderfully comfortable and supportive mattress with the added benefit of its ability to remain cool at all times. Thanks to the Cool Blue foam used in this mattress, the surface has all the comfort of memory foam, with the added benefit of its open-cell construction, allowing it to remain cool and ventilated.

  • 1500 Pocket Sprung Unit. These springs are all able to move up and down independently from one another thanks to the fabric 'pockets' that each spring is set in. These springs move to support the body as it moves, and perfectly mirror its contours, promoting good posture and preventing pressure points from forming, which cause aches and pains.
  • Foam Encapsulated with Cool-Blue Memory Foam and a Super-Soft Quilted Knitted Fabric Panel.
  • Specially Designed Fillings to Offer a Cool Sensation
  • Super-Soft Quilted Knitted Fabric Panel

As a no-turn mattress, the Sensacool 1500 will only need rotating (spinning around) once per Season, although we recommend this is done more often in the first few weeks after delivery. There are handles on the sides of the mattress to aid movement when required.

This product is made to order so please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

National Bed Federation Approved

Made in the UK